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Kitchen Countertop And Cabinet Design Tips For Your Next Remodel

According to a U.S. Houzz & Home Study from 2023, 28% homeowners will renovate their kitchens in 2022. Kitchen remodels, while popular, are also one of the more complex projects. It is important to plan ahead, especially if you are tackling a big project, such as a kitchen extension. With a few kitchen plans like those below, your next remodel can run smoothly.

Buy Supplies

Investing in quality materials is a must-do for any kitchen remodel. Quality supplies are essential to achieving long-lasting home improvements. They will also require less maintenance and repairs over time. This means you can get the most from your kitchen renovation project. Quality materials can also make your kitchen more attractive, functional and increase the value of your home.

Your renovation ideas and plans will determine the type kitchen supplies that you need for your project. You might require cabinets, countertops and backsplashes. If you are planning to update your kitchen flooring, other materials include vinyl, tile and hardwood. You might also need to upgrade your existing kitchen appliances with newer and more modern ones, such as cooktops and ovens.

Cost is a major factor to consider when selecting kitchen accessories. According to a recent report from Associated Builders and Contractors the cost of building materials has increased by 49% over the past year and 37% since 2020. There are many ways to save money on your kitchen remodeling supplies without sacrificing quality. You can, for example, look for bargains, go to discount stores, buy packaged deals, use second-hand material, or take advantage of your remodeling contractor’s connections for wholesale discounts and prices.


When planning your kitchen remodel, it is important to consult professionals. Their experience and expertise can make your project more efficient and help you avoid costly mistakes that are common in DIY home improvements. Contractors have access to high-quality materials, tools and other resources that can be crucial to the success of a kitchen renovation. Hiring professionals can save you time, money and hassles.

You may need to hire multiple professionals depending on the scope of your kitchen renovation project. You can hire a contractor to do various jobs, such as demolition, new construction, repairs and restoration. Others include a flooring specialist, cabinet installers, appliance experts, plumbers, electricians, interior painters, solid surface fabricators (for countertops), and more. A cabinet installer can also offer a kitchen cabinet removal service.

Other professionals may be needed besides contractors for kitchen remodeling. You might also need to hire a professional home inspector, particularly if you are undertaking a major project that requires building permits. Consider a second project along with your kitchen renovation. For example, you could renovate the bathroom. This would require that you hire a bathroom contractor.

Help is available

It can be a daunting task to add a kitchen because there are so many moving pieces. While working with professionals will help ensure a hassle-free and smooth process, additional assistance is still very helpful. When planning your kitchen addition, it is important to consider the resources that you will need. These resources will ensure a smoother project and better results, which will enhance the appearance and feel of your new kitchen.

Home improvement resources are a great way to get ideas for your new kitchen. You can get many ideas for kitchen remodeling by visiting home remodeling websites such as,,,, The Spruce and others. You can also find help from home improvement channels such as This Old House and YouTube remodeling channels.

You can find additional resources that will help you in other areas of your project. You can also visit local home improvement shops to gain more insight and advice about the types of materials you should use. Check out the websites of your local homeowner associations for all the must-dos and do-nots during your kitchen renovation.


When planning your kitchen addition, insurance is also a vital factor to consider. A kitchen remodel can be a big project, and as such, it may expose you to extra risks, like theft of materials or damage caused by construction. A renovation can also have an impact on the insurance coverage of your home.

You should not attempt to do DIY work when planning a project for a new kitchen. This can invalidate your insurance. You should also do your due diligence before hiring contractors, to make sure they are insured for the job. Check for general liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage (if the contractor uses subcontractors).

You should inform your insurance provider of your plans when planning your kitchen extension project. Any changes can impact the value of your home, leaving you uninsured. According to a report by 2021 Hannover, 40% of homeowners who have renovated their home failed to notify their insurance agent or company. To ensure that you are adequately covered, update your homeowners’ insurance so it reflects the true value your property.

The Plumbing

When adding a new kitchen, plumbing is a crucial element. Plumbing upgrades can improve your kitchen’s functionality. Moreover, certain activities, like changing the layout of your kitchen, may require that you upgrade your plumbing. When planning your kitchen remodel, you should have a strategy in place to deal with plumbing problems.

Consider a few plumbing ideas for your kitchen. You can install a new sink on your island or replace the old one. Upgrade your faucets to give your kitchen a fresh and appealing look. Plumbing ideas such as under-sink heaters and smart faucets can also improve your kitchen’s comfort and convenience.

When planning your additional kitchen plans, you should also consider making some changes to your plumbing. You can, for example, replace your old, outdated water pipes. This will offer you many benefits such as fewer plumbing problems, higher water pressure and cleaner water. You can also update your drains, septic, and septic system by, for instance, hiring a professional drain cleaner, replacing your septic tank, or installing a more efficient garbage disposal.

Emergency Services

No matter how well you plan, a number of things can go wrong, causing your project to spiral out of control. When this happens, you can call on emergency services to help get the situation under control, and avoid costly damage to your house. When planning your kitchen extension, you should identify the emergency services and professionals that may be needed.

You can choose from a variety of emergency services to help you with your kitchen renovation, depending on the problem. You can, for example, hire a 24-hour plumber or water damage restoration service in the event of a problem such as a burst piping. You may also need emergency electrical services if you experience an electrical failure, or a backup generator for your house if the renovation affects your electrical system.

You can also use emergency services if you encounter dangerous situations or materials during your kitchen renovation project. You can, for example, hire a company that deals with asbestos, mold, or lead abatement if toxic materials are found in your home. If you discover foundation problems, you can hire an emergency contractor to repair the foundation. You may need emergency repairs if you make mistakes that compromise the structural integrity or your home.

Emergency Plumbing

During your kitchen remodel, you may encounter a variety of plumbing issues. Some of these problems can be expensive. According to Angi’s estimates, the cost of water damage restoration after a flood in your home can range from $1,308 up to $5,933. Plumbing services are a must-have when planning your kitchen’s additional services.

You may need 24-hour emergency plumbing service during your kitchen renovation in several situations. When dealing with flooding or water damage, this is the top scenario. Leaks can occur after an incorrect installation of plumbing fixtures. Some renovations, such as tearing down walls and floors, may also lead to bursting pipes. This can result in serious flooding and damage.

You can use emergency plumbing services in a variety of other situations when working on your kitchen addition project. You might need to hire an emergency plumber if you have clogged kitchen drains or a backup in your septic system. Some other scenarios are frozen pipes, clogged pipes, low pressure, and faulty plumbing devices. You can avoid a lot of hassles by calling a reliable plumbing company or contractor in these situations.

Professional Design

According to the 2022 U.S. Houzz Kitchen trends Study, interior and kitchen designers are among the most sought-after professionals by homeowners during remodeling projects. These professionals are in high demand for a number of reasons, including the fact that DIY projects can be costly and lead to mistakes. A professional designer should be included in your plans for kitchen remodeling as you prepare.

The professionals will transform your ideas and dreams into a realistic and workable design. This is one of the biggest benefits of hiring kitchen design services. You can also use their experience and expertise to create cool, modern designs for your house. When working with an architectural design firm you can learn the latest trends and styles in kitchen layouts, materials and colors.

A professional designer can also save you time and money. A designer who is reliable will only use features that are practical when designing your kitchen, avoiding any delays. A kitchen designer will also be able to spot and warn you about unnecessary design elements that could lead to an overblown budget or cause other problems which can delay the completion of your remodeling project.


HVAC services should be considered when planning an addition to your kitchen. A good HVAC system will help create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in your home. This can enhance the convenience and appeal of your kitchen and your entire home.

Hiring HVAC services to remodel your kitchen is a great way to eliminate foul smells. When you cook, steam, smoke and cooking odors are released into your kitchen, creating an unpleasant smell and a stuffy environment. Your HVAC system can eliminate these pollutants and leave your kitchen smelling fresh.

HVAC solutions will also maintain a comfortable kitchen temperature. air conditioner, for example, can eliminate the excess heat that is produced during cooking. Cooling your kitchen will also keep produce such as fruits and vegetables fresher for longer.

Finally, incorporating HVAC solutions into your kitchen addition plan can help you deal with moisture issues. Steam released from the kitchen sink, cooking and washing machines, for example, can cause moisture to enter your kitchen. This could lead to water damage and mold. A functional HVAC unit will eliminate the excess moisture, leaving your kitchen fresh and clean.

The kitchen remodel can be a great project. It offers many benefits from increased functionality to improved appearance and property value. Planning a kitchen remodel is not an easy task, especially when you consider the cost and amount of work required. With the above plans for kitchen additions, your renovation project will be easier.

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